violin - keyboards


I first met Scott and Michelle in 2002-ish at a party with mutual friends.  We clicked musically. But perhaps most importantly, we clicked conceptually. By that, I mean we both were obsessed with the same stuff outside of music - The Simpsons, 24 (just the 1st season, though - we're not monsters), a general malaise for pro sports, etc. BRAVE were established as a band and there's always that trepidation mixed with excitement (from all parties) when trying out new band members. It's oddly like dating. But a bunch of trial jams and shows later, here we are; stuck with each other.  Forever.  Kill me.  :-)


Violin is definitely my first instrument, but piano and guitar are probably my favorite to play - I have so much to learn on both, and it's fun and rewarding when you get past those crazy hurdles that have haunted you forever. I also play drums in a Foo Fighter-y band called Unring the Bell, and I work on a recording project called Obey the Monolith. I tool around on the bass a lot as well

Always the professional, Suva embraced the challenge of the band recording "The Calm | The Storm" themselves. "It was easier and far more difficult in all sorts of ways we didn't really expect. On one hand, you have a ton of control without the pain of having to pay for studio time. But on the other, I'm left dealing with my crippling procrastination and never-ending decision trees. You ever watch The Good Place? I'm basically Chidi when if comes down to making choices on the final product."
He seemingly has zero spare time outside of BRAVE. "Outside of music, I work in film so I love submerging myself in really good TV/film like Breaking Bad and The Americans. I'm big into graphic design and I just love how artistic and powerful the written word can be when used right. I play/watch/obsess over tennis too. "

"Words", his favorite song to perform