Band: Day of Departure 

Style: Post rock/metal 

Location: Washington, DC 

Years Active: 2019 - Present 

Members: Matt Kozar (guitars, keys), Michelle Schrotz (vocals, keys), Trevor Schrotz (drums), Scott Loose (guitars), Ben Kelly (bass)

Day of Departure's self title debut album is now available for pre-order via Bandcamp.  The full album will release on all streaming services on March 25, 2022.

“Day of Departure” Track list: 

1. …And We Prepare for Our End (8:00) 
2. The Edge of Annihilation (6:13) 
3. The Light In Our Eye Grows Dim (3:01) 
4. Pierce the Sky (Conflict) (4:32) 
5. Ex Machina (5:46) 
6. Life Prevails (6:13) 
7. The Future Has No Form (3:24) 
8. Living Matter (7:34) 
9. Awaken To The Beyond (5:50) 
10. The Beyond (2:17)