The origins of bravemusic were formed in 1996 in Dale City, VA by guitarist Scott Loose (pronounced 'Low Zee') and drummer Trevor Schrotz under the initial band name ‘arise from thorns.'  Shortly after, they recruited Scott’s sister, Michelle Loose (Schrotz), as the lead vocalist.  AFT was active from 1996 – 2000, and released two full-length albums—a self-titled record in 1997, and ‘before an audience of stars’ in 1999.  Prominent members during this era also included Chris Welborn on bass, and Tom Phillips on guitar.  In 2000, AFT changed its name to Brave as the band felt their music had progressed beyond their early work, and in order to capture a delineation in their evolution of sound. 

From 2002 - 2004, Brave had several changes in personnel—Chris and Tom both left the band, and Brave were joined by its current members, Suvo Sur on violins/keys, Ben Kelly on bass, and Matt Kozar on guitars. 

To date, Brave have released the following recordings: 

  • Waist Deep in Dark Waters (2001) 
  • Searching for the Sun (2002) 
  • Passages (2004) 
  • Monuments (2008) 
  • Lost in Retrospect (2009) 
  • Surrounds Me (single) (2014) 
  • the calm | the storm (2019) 

In November 2019, Scott and Matt created a new post-rock/metal, ambient project called Stellar Death.  After initially testing the waters with several singles, Stellar Death released their debut album 'Fragments of Light' in January 2021.

Day of Departure is a new post-rock, concept project led primarily by Matt.  A debut album is currently being recorded, with a likely release in late 2021.

As our music tastes and outlets have evolved into multiple projects over the years, we consolidated all of our related projects under the bravemusic banner in 2020.  The goal remains the same as it was since the beginning of arise from thorns in 1996 - to create music without boundaries.

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Trevor Schrotz - Drums 

Ben Kelly - Bass 

Matt Kozar - Guitars 

Michelle Schrotz - Vocals/Keys 

Scott Loose - Guitars 

Suvo Sur - Violins/Keys










Photography by David Wright & Greg Picard