Bravemusic is an umbrella platform for all of the creative music projects of its founding members.  Current bands include Brave, Day of Departure, Hyperwar 1989, and Stellar Death.  Our most recent releases are below:

Bravemusic presents a new ambient EP from Stellar Death. This music was inspired by Saturn’s ice moon ‘Enceladus,’ and takes you on an almost meditative sonic journey as if you are exploring its frozen, reflective surface firsthand.  - Released March 26, 2021.

"Stellar Death weave their tale clearly and compellingly....they conjure both the vast loneliness of space and the chaos that any good (cinematic) space epic needs." - Angry Metal Guy

 "An incredible album, expertly played, and brought to life in the most astounding way possible..." - The Sleeping Shaman

"BRAVE should be commended for creating honest-to-goodness inspired and original sounding rock music." - Alternative Nation

"The power and the gentleness of this band will amaze you and the great songs will lock it in for you...this one is a great trip to take." - The Ripple Effect

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