Scott and I grew up together, and we both had an interest in music.  As we got older, we started jamming and messing around with instruments until we felt like getting serious about music in general.  Music is a real passion, and very magnetic, and once you’re hooked, you’re in for good.  We started Arise From Thorns, and then changed the name to BRAVE, largely for accessibility reasons as people just couldn’t remember the name or understand it when you said it to them…BRAVE was a lot cleaner, but harder to brand these days with all of the other Brave-related things out there.


Playing live was a real thrill, and it still is.  Music should be live, real, in the moment.  When we first started playing together, I was really nervous but also really excited, and the excitement and the music would transport me to another place mentally.  It’s truly what I love doing.  I like the risk of playing live, bring in the moment, the challenge, the reward, the surprise.  Our first shows were very raw and youthful.  Probably didn’t sound great, but they meant a lot to us. My favorite BRAVE song to perform is "Dark Waters".



While Heaven Wept with a lot of great touring opportunities.  Karen Jonas as a studio musician.  Lots of other smaller projects as a studio musician.  Brave is my main thing.  I am working on some of my own material as well…I have been for about a decade…or longer.


It's hard to miss Trevors musical influences as a drummer while listening to BRAVE.  When asked who his favorites are, the first two mentioned without hesitation are Phil Collins  (solo, Brand X and Genesis) and Dave Weckyl. The rest, a who's who in the world of jazz fusion ...Vinnie Colaiuta, Sean Reinert, Gary Husband, Chad Wackerman,  Bill Bruford, and Dennis Chambers, to name a few. 

Trevors' gear consists of YAMAHA drums and hardware, Vic Firth Buddy Rich Sticks, Meinl and Crescent cymbals, Remo Heads, Roc n Soc Throne.